The Only Way Is UP!

HealthyStep have been working to bring our customers new and innovative products.  As a sports rehab supplier, we recognise that there is more to offer than just at the foot/shoe interface.  We looked at the market offering and discovered 1000 Mile Sportswear who well established in the market, and in particular, their new Ultimate Performance range. We feel that this range is something that will allow you to enhance your offering to patients and perhaps expand into sports injuries.

HealthyStep are pleased to bring this exciting new range to you.  Please contact us for further information.

From now on, the only way, really is, UP!

1000 Mile Sportswear was established in 1989 following the creation of the original 1000 Mile blister-free sock.  It has grown into a successful family owned business whose members’ pursuits in a variety of sporting, outdoor, leisure, and well being activities, ensuring a dedication to service and innovation.

Applying the same technology and innovation to Sports Medical, was a natural transition and has been most successful over the past 12 years.  Initially, we distributed leading sports medical brands from the UK, Europe and the USA.  Having realised that the only way to ensure the product we sell is exactly what our European and UK sports participants and consumers need, we decided in 2011 to launch our own brand.  Ultimate Performance or “UP” was born.

The Ultimate Performance range has been extensively expanded and is now probably the brand leader in the consumer retail market in the UK.  Increasingly our tapes and accessories have been taken up by professional, semi-professional and amateur sports clubs and medical professionals, and as exports advance throughout the world via distributors, the Company and Ultimate Performance brand have become nationally and internationally renowned.

Within the Ultimate Performance family of sports medical products you will find three main groups of products.  “Performance” products are made to reach a highly competitive price point, while still retaining strong functionality.  “Ultimate” products have been engineered to be the best solution in the category, regardless of competitor offering.  Latterly we have launched the “Advanced” range, which is largely based upon our highly technical “Ultimate Compression” knitted sleeves, but with targeted support straps to mimic bio-mechanical function.  This is a step up in terms of technicality.  Yet we are constantly striving to take yet another step, in order to bring the best help for injury care, rehabilitation and long term prevention of recurrent injury we possibly can.

Today the demand for our products has never been stronger.  1000 Mile Sportswear aims to maintain its position as a trustworthy, reliable and pro-active distributor of innovative, performance led products to an expanding, yet discerning client base.