A revolution in foot orthoses

A desire to push boundaries

Foot orthosesSince its incorporation in 1996, Healthy Step has followed a radical design programme in the development of functional foot orthoses. The primary driving force was our recognition of the practitioners need to be able to prescribe their patients with a tailored, functional, high quality foot orthoses, right there in the clinic.

Improvements in technology

In recent years, new manufacturing technologies and the advent of more performant materials, have allowed HealthyStep to be able to answer the demands of the modern practitioner.

Our innovative range began with the revolutionary Vectorthotic®, a modular customisable and foot orthotic system. Thereafter followed the X-Line range, a simple off the shelf range designed to make orthotic prescription quick and effective.

Recent innovations have added condition specific designs to the X-Line range as we continue to become the leading manufacturer and supplier to the industry.

Rehabilitation solutions

Our newest innovation is HeelFixKit. This is a four stage programme for the treatment and rehabilitation of plantar fasciitis.

Designed by Andy Horwood, our musculo-skeletal podiatrist, this product is gaining popularity within both public and private health clinics. In addition to the kit, HealthyStep has now produced a practice support initiative for the modern clinical practice.

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