Fallen Arches - Acquired Pes Planus

Acquired Pes Planus problems usually develop over the course of your life as your diet, activity and age changes.

Acquired Pes Planus as we age

What is Acquired Pes Planus?

One of the sad facts of life is that all of us tend to loose a little arch height as we age. The reason for this is that the protein fibres that make up our soft tissue change. They become less elastic and start to creep.

Most people find that over the years their shoe size increases a bit, and spread a little wider. This is not helped when we spend most of our time in shoes and on hard ground that tends to cause atrophy (wasting) of our arch muscles.

Being obese also increases the risk of this. It is important to note that people with anatomical pes planus are also prone to this aging process, making their flat feet flatter, while high arch feet often become a little more normal in shape.

Fallen Arches insoles

How do I treat Acquired Flat Feet?

This process will affect some people worse than others resulting in arch pains both under the foot from the soft tissue stretch and over the top of the foot from joint compression.

The exercises recommended below for anatomical flat feet can prove very useful, as will buying a good pair of strong lace up shoes with a small heel lift between 1cm and 5cm. For many people the best solution is to buy some simple insoles with good midfoot support, at least for periods of increased walking such as during the supermarket shopping or hiking. The heelfixkit & Healthystep insoles are ideal for this problem.

For some people this arch drop is a sign of a more serious type of acquired flat foot - collapsing pes plano valgus.

Rehabiliation Advice - Videos

They can be prone to increased risk of big toe joint osteoarthritis so giving them a little extra exercise - such as the simple ball exercise or heel raise exercise - can keep anatomical flat feet in good condition and perhaps reduce the risk of big toe osteoarthritis.

The following simple exercise videos (available on YouTube) can have a really positive effective outcome for fallen arches:


Healthystep YouTube channel

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