Fallen Arches - Hyper mobile flat feet

Hypermobile flat feet occur when the arches seem to sag and the feet roll in excessively, caused by hyperflexibility.

Hyperpronation in flat feet

What are hyper mobile flat feet?

Hyper mobile flat feet are usually very normal looking when they are not weight bearing.  With these feet as soon as you stand on them they flatten down a lot, with the soft tissues all across the arch seeming to touch the ground. T

his arch collapse and foot splay is due to the ligaments of the foot being too flexible and having reduced nerve endings in them that report joint position to the surrounding muscles.

Without information from the nerves muscles don’t contract properly to hold the foot in a normal profile. Most people with this type of feet are often very flexible else where such as hands wrists elbows and knees although the joints affected is very variable. These people are commonly known as double jointed.

Who suffers from hyper mobile flat feet?

Children are particularly prone to this and some will tend to improve with age. Many people get no pain with these feet, but sadly a lot do.

Strangely enough the strongest correlation with hyper mobility and pain in the feet is if you have a very flexible end joint in your fifth digit of your hand!

Orthotics for Fallen ArchesHow can I treat my flat feet?

Sadly there is little that can be done to rectify this.

You can try and follow the advice given for anatomical and acquired flat feet, and see how your feet react to the rehabitiation treatment.

Using a soft arch supportive insole like the heelfixkit and Healthystep insoles can be very helpful - speak to your local podiatrist for more information and guidance.

Studies have shown there is no evidence to support the use of expensive custom orthoses, whilst harder devices are generally found to be uncomfortable for this group. Sometimes a flat cushioning insole with just a little midfoot contour is the most comfortable solution, especially if you have a concurrent anatomical pes planus in conjunction with lax ligaments.

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