Hallux Rigidus

Hallux rigidus is one of the most common reasons behind forefoot pain, and is maninly concerned with the big toe. 

What is Hallux Rigidus?

Hallux rigidus is an arthiritic condition that affects the big toe, causing soreness and stiffness around the joint. It is a degenerative condition brought on by age and wear and tear, although it can occasionally be brought on by a disease or other medical condition. 

Patients often find themselves walking slightly to the side, avoiding impact on the area which itself can bring on other conditions.

Who does it affect?

Hallux rigidus mainly affects runners, predominantly middle aged men, and can be a very severe form of pain. Younger children and adults can certainly complain of stiffness in that region too and should always seek professional diagnosis. It is a different condition to Hallux Valgus, or bunions.

What rehab exercises are there for Hallux Rigidus?

Take a look at our rehab video and see if the exercises help your condition.




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