Distal Plantar Muscle fatigue

Distal Plantar Muscle fatigue - Diagnosis

Despite the bony appearance of feet there are in fact a lot of muscles and tendons in the feet.

There are four layers of muscles under the foot (only one muscle on the top) and ten tendons passing into the foot from the leg. Most of these have a strong influence on the toes and forefoot. If these muscles become weak or fatigues it can lead to aching or burning sensations in the balls of the feet.

Distal Plantar Muscle fatigue - Treatment

Consider this a warning shot, because untreated this condition can lead to the other metatarsalgias mentioned previously. However, with simple exercises and changes to the approach to shoe wear the problem is often easily solved. See the page on forefoot exercises. Wear lower heels, and cushioned soled shoes more especially at work.

Consider more use of lace up and trainers at the weekend. When the weather allows it, try some barefoot walking in the garden. Deal with the problem now and you can avoid insoles in the long term, although they can be very helpful to avoid pain while your feet are strengthening up.