Pedipod® insoles are uniquely designed to help children develop a healthy foot and body posture as they grow. The development of poor posture while growing potentially disturbs normal walking, running and standing. This can lead to recurrent back, knee and foot pain as an adult, often resulting in a lifetime of treatment.

With its extra deep heel cup, arch cradle and unique ‘sagittal skive’, the stress and strains on developing bones and muscles are changed to stimulate a more healthy posture. 

A great way of improving a childs foot health is to encourage them to strengthen the muscles and increase general flexibility.

They can easily be done in front of the TV

The Foot Therapy Ball Exercises below were developed by our in-house Podiatrist and they have been used with great success

in Podiatry clinics around the UK.

Click on the image below to learn how to do them

and here is another good one - do it in front of the TV!




These exercises are a challenge and keep children engaged with their own treatment.

You can even start to move the ball around and try and pick it up with the big toe and second toe only - or the fourth and fifth.

It all adds to the foots flexibility and strength



Most importantly for me I love the integrity of the device. They have been designed by a Podiatrist for use by Podiatrists for the specific treatment of the paediatric foot. Love the high heel cups and 1st Met dell. Love that you can use full length immediately or can also cut with an easy bevel to half of 3/4 length if needed.
Don't usually require any further modifications. Very popular with the kids - comfy and a great colour and durable (out grown before out worn). Also great for using with tiny old ladies with PTTD who have really tiny feet - gives amazing support. 
Finally - they work. Offer a great improvement in foot posture when child is assessed with and without and they get rid of symptoms and so compliance is very high!!


Peadiatric Podiatrist

NHS Trust



 It is very difficult to find a range of orthotics which satisfy the needs of the patient, the clinician and the business. The X-line and Pedipod range is able to achieve this by offering a product which is comfortable, clinically effective, easily customisable and economical at the same time.

Tony Carter

Musculoskeletal Lead Podiatrist - Harrogate NHS


If you have been issued with these insoles by an NHS clinician and want to buy another pair please visit

If you are a private Podiatrist, Physiotherpist, Chiropractor etc. please contact us on 01457 839549 to set up a trade account and receive full details of our product range.



Sizes (approx.)
Code Size UK EU
PED01 A Adult 3.5-4.5 36-37
PED02 B Adult 1.5-3 34-35
PED03 C Child 12-1 31-33
PED04 D Child 10-11.5 28-30
PED05 E Child  8 - 9.5 25-27
PED06 F Child 6-7.5 23-24

This size chart is intended as a guide only