Our modular system brings all the advantages of custom foot orthoses into your clinic without the need for casting or waiting.

Each Vectorthotic pack contains a polypropylene composite shell, top covers and a range of clip-in rearfoot and forefoot posts. Customise the shell to your patient's requirements by clipping in the appropriate post to invert the rearfoot, support the forefoot with a varus, valgus or no post as you see fit. It takes seconds. Decide if you want to use the top cover, which can then be cut to the required length.
Other additions such as heel lifts or extension postings can easily be added. Vectorthotic is totally customisable.
Being an injection moulded span device, its strength lies in the integrity
of the design and durability of the shell.

Vectorthotic - a true alternative to custom devices.

For more information on adjusting the Vectorthotic ,
go to: www.healthysteporthotics.co.uk

Rearfoot posts- these are easily applied to the orthotic by snapping them into the rearfoot platform.
Forefoot posts – by gently heating the glue, these posts can be stuck onto the forefoot platform
1st Met cutout – after a few seconds of gentle heating, the orthotic can be trimmed to allow that 1st metarsal space to plantarflex
Altering orthotic pitch – if required , the orthotic can be heated and shaped.

I like these devices, so easy and quick to fit. They can be fitted into normal shoes too.

GS, Lancashire


Our Vectorthotic devices are the most versatile pre-fabricated foot orthoses available in the professional footcare market.

The semi-rigid polypropylene shell may be heat moulded, cut , ground and easily re-shaped in a chairside environment using just a heat gun and a pair of scissors.

The videos below demonstrate the range of modifications that can be performed to tailor the device to each individual patient in a clinical setting.

Each pair of Vectorthotics comes with a pack of additions which include "click-in" rearfoot posts in 2 degree, 4 degree and 6 degree - quick and easy to try in the clinic enabling

you to assess the patient ther and then and gain valuable feedback on comfort from the patient.


Also included in the additions pack are pre-glued forefoot posts in 2 degree and 4 degree inclinations that may be applied varus or valgus
EVA foam top covers are also inlcuded in the vectorthotic pack - they may be glued in place or you can use the double sided tape we include
Here follow a number of functional modifications that may be carried out in the clinic with just a hot air gun and scissors
1st Metatarsal Head Cut-Out
1st Ray Cut-Out
5th Metatarsal Head Cut-Out
Re-Pitching the Shell




If you are a member of the public who has been issued with a Vectorthotic device we recommend you contact your prescribing clinician to discuss ordering another pair.

Your prescription may have changed and adjustments may be necessary according to any changes in your condition.

If you are a healthcare professional please conatct us so we can set up a trade account for you. Tel : 01457 839 549

Sizes (approx.)
Code Size UK EU
VEC01 A 11-12 46-47
VEC02 B 9-10 44-45
VEC02W B/C 8-9 42-43
VEC03 C 7-8 41-42
VEC03W C/D 6-7 40-41
VEC04 D 5-6 38-40
VEC06 E 3-4 36-37

This size chart is intended as a guide only