X-Line DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)
Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is often responsible for painful hallux limitus and rigidus. This debilitating condition can limit patients activities as well as causing great pain or extreme discomfort.

The X-Line DJD offers rapid relief of this common problem by reducing the loading rate of the 1st metatarso-phalangeal joint, reducing the dorsiflexion bending moments on the hallux, and allowing the hallux to move from a more flexed starting position. The design also reduces the bending moments across the metatarso-phalangeal joints by stiffening the shoe. The X-line DJD has a heel lift to allow easier terminal stance propulsion over the painful joint - we recommend fitting this device into a spacious shoe.

The unique "metatarsal rocker" feature improves the mechanics around the 1st joint, allowing a more comfortable progress for the patient.

The DJD also has a durable, anti-bacterial top cover and the supporting plastic base-shell offers structural rigidity for an effective condition-specific device.



As the car approaches the bridge, it slows to go up the incline. Calcaneal plantarflexion is reduced when the heel meets the mid-foot saddle.

At a safe speed, the car crosses the hump of the bridge. The foot is stabilised when fully loaded on the saddle.
Once over the hump, the car accelerates away. The 1st ray drops into the recess and encourages the MTP joint to bend, the heel raises and sagittal movement within the foot has been maximised.


Despite the stifness of the toe joint there are rehabilitation exercises that will greatly help your foot strength to relieve the discomfort and improve the function of your foot.

The first one is using the Healthy Step Latex Exercise Band

The second one is using a Foot Therapy Ball and is a perfect exercise whilst watching TV

and finally,surprisingly, the hardest of them all - Toe motion exercises

The Latex Foot Therapy Band pictured below is available to purchase at our store and is sold as a pack

including a Foot Therapy Ball





It is very difficult to find a range of orthotics which satisfy the needs of the patient, the clinician and the business. The x-line and pedipod range is able to achieve this by offering a product which is comfortable, clinically effective, easily customisable and economical at the same time.

Tony Carter

Lead Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

Harrogate Foundation NHS TRust

If you have been issued with these insoles by an NHS clinician and want to buy another pair please visit www.healthystep.co.uk

If you are a private Podiatrist, Physiotherpist, Chiropractor etc. please contact us on 01457 839549 to set up a trade account

The Foot Therapy Band used in the rehab exercises is available online and comes with a free Foot Therapy Ball.






Sizes (approx.)
Code Size UK EU
XLINEDJD04 Small 3-5 36-38
XLINEDJD03 Medium 6-8 40-42
XLINEDJD02 Large 9-11 43-46
XLINEDJD01 Extra Large 12-14 47-49
XLINEDJD01X Extra Extra large 15-16 50-51

This size chart is intended as a guide only