The X-Line Extra consists of one pair of X-Lines and a wedge pack. The wedge pack contains a pair of 4 degree and 8 degree posts. These wedges have been designed specifically to enhance the sagittal and medial control provided by the X-Line device.

The X-Line wedges are shaped to provide a rearfoothemi-post, allowing easier fitting to everyday shoes. The post extends forward to supplement the mid-foot saddle of the X-Line device enhancing the sagittal plane control further.

Using these specially designed wedges saves a lot of time modifying standard EVA strips - in a busy clinic this can work out much more cost effective.



As the car approaches the bridge, it slows to go up the incline. Calcaneal plantarflexion is reduced when the heel meets the mid-foot saddle.

At a safe speed, the car crosses the hump of the bridge. The foot is stabilised when fully loaded on the saddle.
Once over the hump, the car accelerates away. The 1st ray drops into the recess and encourages the MTP joint to bend, the heel raises and sagittal movement within the foot has been maximised.


Keeping feet flexible and strong is particularly important following an injury or surgery.

The foot seems to become neglected in terms of rehabilitation, probably due to us covering them with shoes most of the time.

Click on the picture below and try doing the "foot Press-up" 



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Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) and Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction (TPD)


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Sizes (approx.)
Code Size UK EU
XLINE04RW Small 3-5 36-38
XLINE03RW Medium 6-8 40-42
XLINE02RW Large 9-11 43-46
XLINE01RW Extra Large 12-14 47-49
XLINE01XRW Extra Extra large 15-16 50-51

This size chart is intended as a guide only