The plantar fascia is a structure that bridges the arch of the foot linking the heel to the toe joints (MTP joints). These joints, especially the big toe (hallux), are used in conjunction with the plantar fascia to store and release energy using the windlass effect described by Hicks’ famous paper of 1951. The main attachment point for the plantar fascia is the medial process of the plantar tubercle of the calcaneus. It is here that pain is experienced in plantar fasciitis.

The Plantar Fasciitis insole is designed to give pain relief and aid healing of the plantar fascia. As the plantar fascia is loaded during the drive phase of gait, a dell to the 1st MTP joint helps an efficient windlass effect while the arch is protected from dropping excessively during midstance to prevent over strain of the fascia. Finally a dell is positioned perfectly over the medial process of the calcaneal plantar tubercle to prevent pressure and irritation of the thickening of the fascial attachment point.  A combination combined to provide relief and comfort instantly.


As the car approaches the bridge, it slows to go up the incline. Calcaneal plantarflexion is reduced when the heel meets the mid-foot saddle.

At a safe speed, the car crosses the hump of the bridge. The foot is stabilised when fully loaded on the saddle.
Once over the hump, the car accelerates away. The 1st ray drops into the recess and encourages the MTP joint to bend, the heel raises and sagittal movement within the foot has been maximised.




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Sizes (approx.)
Code Size UK EU
XLINEPF04 Small 3-5 36-38
XLINEPF03 Medium 6-8 40-42
XLINEPF02 Large 9-11 43-46
XLINEPF01 Extra Large 12-14 47-49
XLINEPF01X Extra Extra large 15-16 50-51

This size chart is intended as a guide only