The X-Line RIF (reinforced) insole was created in response to clinicians ‘ requests for an X-Line with greater durability. The X-Line RIF provides a durable, anti-bacterial top cover and a reinforced plastic shell to offer greater integral strength. Extra modifications are possible due to the improved structural rigidity.

Rearfoot and forefoot wedges are easily applied to this robust and durable device.


If patients are comfortable in the Standard X line then RIF is a natural progression to a more durable device. Due to the semi-rigid nature of the

shell modifications may be ground into the device and they are 100% compatible with our 4 and 8 degree self-adhesive wedges.

The slim profile is mantained making X Line RIF's easy to fit into most types of shoe.


As the car approaches the bridge, it slows to go up the incline. Calcaneal plantarflexion is reduced when the heel meets the mid-foot saddle.

At a safe speed, the car crosses the hump of the bridge. The foot is stabilised when fully loaded on the saddle.
Once over the hump, the car accelerates away. The 1st ray drops into the recess and encourages the MTP joint to bend, the heel raises and sagittal movement within the foot has been maximised.


If a patient damages their arm they would be given rehabilitation exercises to help strengthen and regain movement in it - why not with the foot?

The simple exercises below with a Foot Therapy Ball reallly help to improve flexibility and strength - making recovery times shorter.


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If you have been issued with these insoles by an NHS clinician and want to buy another pair please visit

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Sizes (approx.)
Code Size UK EU
XLINERE04 Small 3-5 36-38
XLINERE03 Medium 6-8 40-42
XLINERE02 Large 9-11 43-46
XLINERE01 Extra Large 12-14 47-49
XLINERE01X Extra Extra large 15-16 50-51

This size chart is intended as a guide only